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Posadowo update: only 50 horses taken

The expectation of the volunteers we talked to on the first day of the Posodowo evacuation was that about a hundred horses would be removed. The latest numbers are closer to 50. Horses who are very thin but not yet sick have to stay behind.

According to volunteers at the farm in Posadowo, international horse trader and trainer, John Byrialsen, who allegedly owns the horses, was there yesterday to plea with police and authorities not to let the volunteers remove his horses. It was theft, he argued, as the entire situation had been blown out of proportion and most of the horses in his opinion were not in such a bad condition. Byrialsen was told by local police to calm down or he would be put in a holding cell, said eye witnesses yesterday.

According to Polish law - as far as we have been able to work out (it's the same in Denmark) a person must be sentenced for animal cruelty or neglect before his horses can be permanently confiscated, so the future of the Posadowo horses is still uncertain. Here is a link to the Facebook event page for the evacuation. You can ask questions in English directly to the volunteers and also get information on how to donate money or equipment.

Yesterday, this video was published by the volunteers of their work.

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