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About us was launched in 2007 as one of the very first subscription based equestrian video streaming services in the world. Today, all content is available free of charge.


Co founders Luise Thomsen and Julie Taylor wanted to create a new type of horse media. One that was not afraid to look critically at every aspect of how horses are used for human entertainment. Even if it meant changing our own behaviour as well. ran for 10 years as a subscription service. Its reporters broke many international equestrian news scandals, fuelling the necessary debate about equine welfare. Now everyone can watch.

As the years went by and the scandals piled up, we became increasingly aware that the problems faced by equestrian sport were not about a few bad apples spoiling the barrel. The sport itself and its governing bodies were not at all interested in protecting horses. 

Our view of equestrian sport was not the only thing that was altered by our research. We changed too. Interviewing some of the world's foremost experts in horse behaviour and psychology, we gradually became aware that horses are not the animals most humans think they are. Each horse is infinitely more complex, intelligent and unique than most of us dare to imagine. Horses need humans to understand this. They need human allies to make change happen. Human voices to spread the word. Our mission is to provide a platform for these voices.

As of March 2018, all content is free to watch and read. Some of the content was produced years ago and was created mostly with human interests in mind. Other content is newer and takes a more radical, horse centred approach. This spectrum represents our own journey of discovery. Wherever you are on your travels, we think you'll find something to make you think. To make you want to learn more.

We are working hard to transfer all the video content to this new site. If you want to receive email updates as new videos and blog posts are added, please join our mailing list below. Or go to our YouTube channel  and subscribe there. Or even better: do both.

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