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Police raid Byrialsen's Danish farm

Danish police and veterinary authorities are now searching John Byrialsen's Danish farm, Viegård, for neglected and abused animals. The search has been prompted by the news of many neglected horses at the farm which Byrialsen rents in Posadowo, Poland. has been on the phone to Chief Inspector Poul Østergaard of the local police in Viborg, Denmark.

"We went in at midday alongside the veterinary authorities" Poul Østergaard confirms to He does not know when the police will be able to release information about what they find during today's raid of Viegård and neighbouring properties also owned by John Byrialsen.

Meanwhile, former employees are coming out of the bush to tell on Byrialsen. All of them have kept information and even photos to themselves out of fear for their safety and their careers until now, but as Byrialsen's empire teeters on the edge of collapse, we're getting more and more accounts of what goes on behind the doors of the big red barns in that wind swept field in Jutland.

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