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Posadowa groom on factory farm of horror

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

The person behind the recordings from the allegedly Danish owned factory horse farm in Posadowa, Poland, was an employee at the farm. "I made the recordings myself in April and May this year" explains the 25-year-old groom to We will not name her here as she is now unsure of the consequences of her whistle blowing. Today, she says she has received a message that the owner of the farm wants to meet with her, but when we talk to her, she is not sure whether she should oblige him. "I don't know what to do" she says. "I am afraid."

"I made the tapes in secret in the hope that I could help the horses. I started work at the farm in 2012. The film was made in April and May this year. After long arguments with my manager about the state of the horses, she up and left the job. I felt powerless."

"Twenty horses died in my hands and before that, many more had died. I think maybe a hundred in total," she says. "The horses have chips and they were put into the SARI disposal. There must be an invoice proving the exact number of dead horses during those four years."

Since the publication of the video, things have finally started to happen. We'll be posting updates as we hear from the people at the farm and the animal welfare authorities. We tell the groom we don't think she needs to go and see her former boss. Her job is done. She did a brave thing.

"I am not brave," she says. "I am just human."

We're still waiting for the alleged owner, Mr. Byrialsen's, comment on the matter.

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