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Skals: investigation continues

The Danish police is still processing evidence found during yesterday's raid on John Byrialsen's Viegård Stud in Denmark. The police is also asking people to come forth and offer information about John Byrialsen.

During yesterday's raid, police and veterinarians searched four farms and five remote grazing meadows and found 15 starved horses - including the two in the photographs we published yesterday -  as well as a number of horses in need of hoof care. John Byrialsen now risks being charged with animal neglect.

Ever since the story of the neglected horses in Posadowo broke, people have been calling us at and admitting that they were aware of the situation in the Polish stud as well as the Danish one. However, they had not contacted the police or animal protection societies because they were worried about making themselves unpopular and ruining their careers. In some cases, people have told us that they were afraid for their safety, and feared that John Byrialsen would become violent towards them.

The lack of witnesses who have come forth to the police perplexes and concerns Chief Inspector Poul Østergaard who is in charge of the investigation. "If anybody has been threatened with violence, that is something we take extremely seriously, and the Police would like people to know that they need not be afraid to contact us" he said to 

"It is extremely rare in Denmark that reporting a crime to the police results in physical violence" he said.

If you are a witness and can verify any of the many rumours about what has gone on at Viegård, the police would like to hear from you on 0045 96 14 14 48. You can make a difference.

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