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Ugly truth

Equine images with Crispin Parelius Johannessen, part 4

Farewell Falsterbo

Forbidden pictures from a horse show


At, we don't just know that we're not welcome at horse shows. We also know why. We know because years ago, show organisers, stewards and riders used to be honest enough to admit that they didn't want us to show the ugly images from the warm up. Eventually, they learned not to say that. It doesn't sound like a very good reason to prevent journalists from doing their jobs, and major media outlets were becoming interested by all the secrecy. So the sport invented a new reason: Broadcasting rights. The IOC tried it in 2012. The FEI European Dressage Championships tried it in 2013. And in 2017, Falsterbo Horse Show decided to introduce a hasty photo ban when it became clear that was documenting what was happening in the warm up arena. Here's the story of how we managed to get thrown out by the police for simply showing the world what equestrian sport really looks like.

All still images used in this video are courtesy of Crispin Parelius Johannessen.

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