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Series: Equine behaviour
Learn about the science of ethology from legendary researcher Lucy Rees
Series: Horse-human relationships
Horses are not what we think, says cognitive ethologist Dr. Francesco De Giorgio
Series: Equine images
Fine art photographer Crispin Parelius Johannessen documents the darkest aspects of equestrian sport
Series: Hoof anatomy and function
Dr. Bob Bowker on the hoof, the foot and the metal shoe controversy
Series: Meadow family ponies
How four unwanted ponies turned out to be incredibly precious.
Series: Equine superfoods
Boost your horse's health with "supplements" you can browse for free
Ben Hart
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Gerd Heuschmann
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Professor Derek Knottenbelt
Duly diligent dermatology. Things you need to know about your horse's skin.
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