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Meet the Meadow Family

How a group of unwanted, abandoned ponies turned out to be very precious

If there's one thing Great Britain has in abundance, it's abandoned, unwanted horses. So what's so special about these four, left in a field just outside London for years with no human contact? To begin with, what was special about them was that they had no experiences with humans. No good experiences and more importantly, no bad experiences. Horses like that can teach us something about how the relationship between humans and equines might be. In the late summer of 2014, the Meadow Family ponies became even more special when they were taken on by equine behaviourist Emily McDonald. She decided to tame them, but only with their full consent. In this series, you can meet Emily McDonald and her Meadow Family ponies and learn about what made her take them on and why she has decided to take the somewhat unorthodox approach of letting the ponies decide for themselves if they wanted to be tamed.

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